Press releases

Wästbygg acquires building rights in northern Stockholm


Wästbygg AB has signed an agreement with Niam to acquire building rights in northern Stockholm. The building rights are divided into two tenant-owner associations with a total of 89 apartments. The agreed property value is approximately SEK 310 million.

Logistic Contractor enters into joint venture for logistics plot in Nyköping


Logistic Contractor, part of the Wästbygg Group, has signed a collaboration agreement with state-owned Orio AB to develop approximately 400,000 sqm of land in Nyköping – Nyköping Logistics Park – in a joint venture. The development work will be carried out through a joint project company. The land is currently owned by Orio and is directly adjacent to its current warehouse and distribution centre. Under the agreement, Logistic Contractor commits to pay Orio a total of about SEK 200 million over a five-year period, depending on the area developed.

Wästbygg Gruppen receives Nasdaq Green Equity Designation

Wästbygg Gruppen is among the first companies in Sweden to apply for and receive Nasdaq Green Equity Designation. Nasdaq offers Nasdaq Green Designations for its Nordic Main Markets and First North Growth Market, including the Premier Segment, in Sweden, Finland, and Denmark.

Logistic Contractor acquires 133,000 sqm of land outside Enköping.


Logistic Contractor, part of the Wästbygg Group, has acquired 133,000 sqm of land in an industrial area just east of Enköping through the purchase of the project company Sneden AB. The purchase consideration is SEK 165 million and Logistic Contractor will take possession of the project company on 28 May. The seller is KGK Fastigheter.

Logistic Contractor to construct 123,000 sqm production facility in Jönköping for Nobia


Logistic Contractor, a company in the Wästbygg Group, has signed a contract with kitchen specialist Nobia for the construction of their new production facility south of Jönköping. It will have an area of 123,000 sqm and will be built on a single level. The order value is approximately SEK 460 million. The building is to be certified according to the BREEAM Very Good standard, which focuses strongly on sustainability in line with both Nobia’s and Logistic Contractor’s high ambitions in this area.

A green start to the year


The Wästbygg Group presents its interim report today for the period January-March 2021.

Wästbygg first to announce a combined Green Framework

Wästbygg's business concept is to develop sustainable, modern and efficient homes, commercial properties, community service properties and logistics and industry facilities and the company takes its mission as community developers very seriously. As a natural part of the sustainability work and to increase the transparency around the company’s climate commitment, Wästbygg has developed a Green Finance Framework (the ‘Framework’) that enables green labelling of both equity and debt instruments. Further, the company has invited CICERO Shades of Green to complete a Company Assessment as well as a Second Opinion to the debt part of the Framework. The result shows that as much as 65% of revenue, 66% of operating expenditures and 100% of investments is identified as green in the Company Assessment and the Second Opinion rates the debt part of the Framework as medium green.

Joakim Efraimsson appointed as Managing Director of Wästbygg AB


In January, the decision to merge our construction and project development activities within Residential and Commercial, into a joint organisation was announced. Joakim Efraimsson has now been appointed Managing Director of Wästbygg AB, our recently merged business. Joakim will commence his new assignment and a seat in the Group Management team on June 1 this year. Jörgen Andersson, CEO, who since the merger temporarily held the position as Managing Director of Wästbygg AB, will return to focus entirely on his duties as CEO of the Wästbygg Group.

Notice to attend the Annual General Meeting in Wästbygg Gruppen AB (publ)


The shareholders of Wästbygg Gruppen AB (publ), reg. no. 556878-5538, (the “Company”) are hereby given notice to attend the annual general meeting to be held on Thursday, May 6, 2021, by completing a form for postal voting and mailing it to the Company. A shareholder that wishes to attend the annual general meeting may only do so by completing the form for postal voting and mailing it to the Company prior to the meeting, no physical attendance is allowed.

Merger of Wästbygg´s construction and project development organisations


Wästbygg Gruppen has decided to merge its property construction and project development organisations focused on the residential and commercial segments, which up until now were run by two separate organisations, Wästbygg AB and Wästbygg Projektutveckling AB. This change will be effective from 1 February.