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Clarifying information regarding flagging of largest shareholders

Wästbygg Gruppen ABs CEO, Jörgen Andersson (through Fino Förvaltning AB), and the largest shareholder of the company M2 Asset Management AB has today reported that set thresholds for flagging in Sweden has been passed – a flagging message.

The transactions performed by both owners was part of Wästbygg Gruppen ABs share distribution and IPO and is described in the prospectus and for Jörgen Andersson also reported through insider transaction reported to FI in Sweden. The rules and regulations are somewhat unclear and the company wants to clearify that the transactions for Jörgen Andersson och M2 Asset Management AB are not new transactions, but already reported and described during the IPO process.

About Wästbygg

Wästbygg is a construction and property development company that is well-established in the most expansive markets in Sweden. The Company was founded in 1981 in Borås and has offices in seven Swedish cities. The Company is also represented in Norway, Denmark and Finland via the group company Logistic Contractor. Wästbygg is primarily focused on the three segments Residential, Commercial (including community service properties) and Logistics and industry. Wästbygg provides construction and property development in all segments. The Logistics and industry segment consists of the group company Logistic Contractor, a leading construction and property development company in the Swedish logistics market.

The group company Inwita Fastigheter AB, which is focused on owning and managing community service properties developed by the Company, was registered in the beginning of 2020. As a result of the establishment of Inwita Fastigheter AB, Wästbygg offers the entire value chain of community service properties, including development, construction, management and ownership.

Sustainability is a highly prioritised area for Wästbygg. The Company’s business idea is to develop and build sustainable, modern and efficient housing, commercial properties, and logistics and industrial facilities in mutual trust with customers. Wästbygg wants to contribute to a sustainable society – ecologically, socially and economically – thereby improving people’s living environment.

For more information, please contact:

Jörgen Andersson, CEO and Group President
Telephone: +46 703 23 32 02
Email: jorgen.andersson@wastbygg.se

Sture Stölen, Investor Relations
Telephone: +46 723 68 65 07
Email: sture.stolen@wastbygg.se

The information was released for publication at 2000 CEST on October 16 2020.