The board of directors of Wästbygg Gruppen AB (publ) utilizes authorization to acquire own shares


The Board of Directors of Wästbygg Gruppen AB (publ) (“Wästbygg” or “the Company”) has resolved to use the authorization granted by the Extraordinary General Meeting on October 21, 2021, to acquire own shares. The Company may not at any time hold more than 10 percent of the Company's shares. The total number of shares in Wästbygg amounts to 32,340,165 and Wästbygg does not hold any own shares at the time of this press release.

Acquisitions of own shares may take place on Nasdaq Stockholm (the “Exchange”) and will take place on one or more occasions before the 2022 Annual General Meeting and will be handled by Nordea Bank Abp. Acquisitions on the Stock Exchange may only take place at a price per share that is within the price range registered at any given time, or in the event that the Board of Directors instructs a stock exchange member to accumulate a certain amount of the Company's shares in its own book for a certain period, to a price per share within the price range at any given time or the corresponding volume-weighted average price. In connection with acquisitions, applicable provisions in the Exchange's regulations must be observed and payment for repurchased shares in the Company must be made in cash.

The purpose of the acquisition of own shares is to secure Wästbygg's obligations to the seller in accordance with the share purchase agreement entered into earlier during the fall of 2021 regarding all shares in Rekab Entreprenad AB and to ensure delivery of shares to participants in the Company’s at any given time applicable LTI programmes.

For more information, please contact:

Jörgen Andersson, CEO Wästbygg Gruppen AB
Tel +46 (0)703-23 32 02, email

Marie Lindebäck, Head of IR and Deputy Head of Sustainability
Tel +46 (0)734-67 20 12, email


About Wästbygg:

The Wästbygg Group is a listed construction and project development company that builds and develops residential, commercial buildings and community service properties, as well as logistics and industrial facilities – always with a strong focus on sustainability. With 500 employees, it comprises Wästbygg AB, Rekab Entreprenad AB, Logistic Contractor AB and Inwita Fastigheter AB. The group operates in the most rapidly expanding markets in Sweden, with Logistic Contractor also providing services in Denmark, Norway and Finland.