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Billion NOK deal for Wästbygg Group – development and construction of a large logistics facility for Ahlsell in Norway


Logistic Contractor, a part of Wästbygg Group AB (publ), has been entrusted with developing and constructing wholesale company Ahlsell's new state-of-the-art logistics facility in Norway. Ahlsell will be the tenant in the facility and has entered into a fifteen-year lease agreement with LC, with an annual rent of approximately 80 MNOK.

The facility, located in the municipality of Eidsvoll north of Oslo, spans 62,000 sqm and includes a high-bay section of 36 meters. The construction value amounts to approximately 800 MNOK and is included in Wästbygg Group's order intake for the fourth quarter. In addition, Ahlsell will invest in an extensive automation system to be installed in the building.

”The deal with Ahlsell is a prime example of LC's core business, where we offer our customers a comprehensive land, development, and construction solution. In line with both Ahlsell's and our high ambitions in the sustainability field, we have worked together to reduce the building's carbon footprint during both the construction phase and the operational phase, and the facility will be certified according to Breeam-NOR at the Very Good level. We are also planning for a solar panel installation that will produce at least as much electricity annually as the building consumes," says Espen B. Danielsen, Country Manager for Norway at LC.

Ahlsell will have access to the entire 266,000 sqm plot in Eidsvoll that LC acquired in 2022, allowing for further expansion in the future. Preparations for the construction have begun, and the facility will be completed by 2025. 

“Our Norwegian colleagues have secured a very good deal, and with an interesting tenant. What's especially pleasing is that this is our second project for Ahlsell in a short period, as earlier this year we signed an agreement with them to construct a large logistics facility in Sweden. We are now looking forward to a multi-year, successful collaboration with Ahlsell on both projects. With the lease agreement for the facility in Eidsvoll signed, we are also commencing the work of finding a stable and long-term owner for the property," says Benn Karlberg, CEO of Logistic Contractor.

For more information, please contact:

Benn Karlberg, CEO Logistic Contractor 
Phone: +46 73920 17 70
E-mail: benn.karlberg@lc.se

Jonas Jönehall, CEO Wästbygg Group
Phone: +46 73 920 19 01
Email: jonas.jonehall@wastbygg.se

Robin Sundin, Group Legal Counsel and Head of Investor Relations
Phone: +46 72 529 30 04
Email: robin.sundin@wastbygg.se


About Wästbygg Group:

Wästbygg Group is a listed construction and project development company that builds and develops residential, commercial buildings and community service properties, as well as logistics and industrial facilities – always with a major focus on sustainability. The group comprises Wästbygg AB, Rekab Entreprenad AB and Logistic Contractor AB.

The group operates in the most rapidly expanding markets in Sweden, with Logistic Contractor also providing services in Denmark, Norway and Finland. In 2022, the group had sales of SEK 5.8 billion and 600 employees.