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Logistic Contractor to build on behalf of DHL at Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup


Logistic Contractor has signed a contract with DHL Copenhagen Hub Denmark A/S to build a new parcel terminal and office at Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup. The facility, which will have an area of 26,000 sqm in addition to an adjacent parking deck of 7,500 sqm, will be constructed inside the airport perimeter in order to enable the processing of inbound and outbound air freight. The order has a value of approximately SEK 500 million.

‘This is a big and exciting project that we are looking forward to building, while also further establishing ourselves on the Danish market. In addition to a large terminal and a goods in/goods out hall, the completed facility will also house three large office areas and a workshop. DHL will be installing an advanced sorting system for parcels within the terminal which will demand a great deal from the technical installations on site. This project will also encompass all the restrictions associated with an airside construction project, but we are more than familiar with these having already built a facility on behalf of DHL at Stavanger Airport,’ says Sandu Nylmon, CEO of Logistic Contractor’s Norwegian, Danish and Finnish subsidiaries.
Groundwork will begin immediately and the terminal is due to commence operations during the summer of 2022.

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About Logistic Contractor:
Logistic Contractor operates in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland and is a market leader in developing and constructing logistics and industrial facilities. Thanks to its modern process-oriented approach and well-developed methods, the company is able to offer the leading expertise in its field in addition to a rational, cost-efficient approach to work. Logistic Contractor is part of the Wästbygg Group, which is listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm.