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Wästbygg in new major property deal with Lansa Fastigheter


Wästbygg AB is selling its self-developed residential project Journalen 1 in Sege Park, Malmö, to Lansa Fastigheter through a forward funding arrangement. Journalen 1 comprises an entire block of 177 rental apartments and it will have Silver level certification according to Miljöbyggnad. The agreed property value is approximately SEK 400 million.

The deal is subject to a decision on state investment aid, as well as approval of building permits and title deeds.

The Wästbygg Group’s earnings will not be affected until all terms have been met and Lansa takes possession, which is expected to occur in late 2021 or early 2022.

“We’re thrilled to enter into a new partnership with Lansa. About a year ago, they acquired a project in Lund from us that is currently under construction. We consider their interest in a second deal together to be an acknowledgement of the high standard of properties that Wästbygg develops and builds,” says Joakim Efraimsson, CEO of Wästbygg AB.

“Malmö and the Öresund region is a priority market for Lansa and with a new environmentally certified project in Sege Park we will be firmly established here. We work well together with Wästbygg and now with Journalen we will have a continuation of our current joint gold-certified project in Lund,” says Claes Malmkvist, CEO of Lansa Fastigheter.

Wästbygg received the land allocation in Sege Park in early 2017. Sege Park is a former hospital campus where the City of Malmö and all 11 developers who were awarded land in the area have engaged in close dialogue regarding the design. There has been a strong focus on promoting the sharing economy, as well as on including a social perspective during development.


For more information, please contact:
Jörgen Andersson, CEO Wästbygg Gruppen AB
Tel +46 (0)703-23 32 02, email jorgen.andersson@wastbygg.se

Marie Lindebäck, Head of IR and Deputy Head of Sustainability
Tel +46 (0)734-67 20 12, email marie.lindeback@wastbygg.se

Joakim Efraimsson, CEO Wästbygg AB
Tel +46 (0)73-901 14 13, email joakim.efraimsson@wastbygg.se

About Wästbygg:

The Wästbygg Group is a construction and project development company with operations in the most rapidly expanding markets in Sweden. The company, which is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm, builds and develops housing, commercial buildings and community service properties, as well as logistics and industrial facilities – always with a strong focus on sustainability.

Wästbygg was founded in 1981 in Borås. Today, Wästbygg has offices in Gothenburg, Stockholm, Malmö, Jönköping, Helsingborg, Varberg and Västerås, as well as through the Group company Logistic Contractor in Copenhagen, Oslo and Helsinki. In 2020 Wästbygg posted sales of about SEK 3.8 billion and the company has 310 employees.